Guitar With Paul G Guitar Lessons Erie Pa.

Want to learn  guitar in the Erie area? I offer lessons for all ages and skill levels.
Find out about Paul's lesson and how they can help you
start learning guitar or improve your skills.
For parents looking for lessons for their children, please check this page
Children's Guitar Lessons
Learning guitar is a  rewarding experience from the time you start you can always find
new challenges and you can grow throughout the time you play. As you learn you will start
to set your own individual goals of what you want to accomplish.
I am here to help you reach your goals.
Contact me now  to set up the first session for only $10.00 1/2 hour session,  or $15.00 for a 1 hour session

What Is Included In Lessons For You

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 Try out a lesson for only $10 (1/2 hr. ) or $15 (1 hr. ) and see how Paul can help you with your guitar playing !!

       This site would not have been possible without immense help of Aaron at Live & Teach Guitar. Only if your are very fortunate do you meet someone who is so willing to give of thier time as he has, it is much appreciated. He has been a blessing, and I consider what he has taught me to be invaluable. I am forever grateful for his help !!

                                         Thank you Paul G