Learn Acoustic Guitar in Erie Pa.

Whether it strumming a few chords to a song by yourself or by a campfire with  family or friends , or playing with your  buddies or playing in a duo. Acoustic guitar is a great instrument to learn. You can strum some chords  or  fingerpick it. You can play it loud or gently,  it's really it's up to you and your goals.  Folk, Blues, Rock or Classical guitar.

I've helped many students in the Erie area learn acoustic guitar regardless of their current skill level. Even if you're just starting to learn guitar on your own, I can quickly help you start strumming and fingerpicking along with acoustic tracks in no time.

Here's some of the things I can teach you:

  • Learn open chords and barre chords
  • Strumming Patterns that can literally play hundreds of songs with
  • Fingerpicking accompaniment patterns
  •  How to use a capo
  •  How to play chord anywhere on the neck with just a few chord shapes
  • Learn Acoustic songs by the artists you like.
  • Learn acoustic songs from guitarists like Jimmy Page
  • Learning songs by. Artists like the Eagles and Kansas
  • Learn how to write your own songs

Check out this demo !!

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Click here if you would like to check out some of the backing tracks I use in lessons

If you're interested in learning how to play acoustic guitar, check out information on my one-on-one guitar lessons here. To see if a time is available for you, check out my Available Times here. Or if you have a question about learning Acoustic guitar, send me an email here and I'll help you out.


Check out some of my lessons below.


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Fingerstyle Guitar

Intro to Fingerpicking

Classical Guitar

Carcassi Study Prelude 01

Study by Matteo Guiliani

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