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Contact Me, if you would like to schedule a session. In this session we can discuss where you are at with guitar, and what your goals are. Then we can discuss how I can help you reach your goals. Please tell me what days and times are best for you. For my current students, you can also use the schedule below if you need to reschedule a lesson.

If you would like to set up an informal meeting before you start lessons, we can make arrangements. We can meet at a coffee shop, bookstore, or anywhere you would like to meet. This will give you a chance to get to know me better and how I teach. There is no cost for this.

The First Session is only $10 (1/2 hour ) or $15  ( 1 hour )









5 pm to 9 pm

5 pm to 9 pm

5 pm to 9 pm

5 pm to 9 pm

5 pm to 9 pm

1 pm to 9 pm

10 am to 9 pm

 Contact Paul here,if you have any questions

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