Bethcha can’t play this: John Pettruccci

        The following Lesson was taken from a John Pettrucci Lesson for  Guitar World Magazine and is not my own idea, I have just taken this original idea and developed it further. 
      In Ex. 1 is the original Idea, in E Mixolydian, which was written in 6/8, 3/8, and 5/8 time signatures. One of the first things I did was to rewrite to phrase in 4/4 time so that I could apply the idea to other phrases I was working on, (Ex. 2).Then the next on the final example (Ex.3 ) I am giving you an example of how I will take this phrase and apply it to another Mode, in this case E Aeolian. Usually I will write a phrase like this out in all the Major Scale Modes, and also Modes in the Harmonic minor scale. You can apply the idea of rewriting licks to any scale/ mode you are trying to learn.
Guitar With Paul G Guitar Lessons Erie pa.
Guitar With Paul G Guitar Lessons Erie Pa.

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