Blues Lessons Preview

Learn Blues Guitar in Erie Pa.

I've helped many students in the Erie area learn Blues regardless of their current skill level. Even if you're just starting to learn guitar on your own, I can quickly help you start jamming along with blues tracks in no time.
Whether you want to play by yourself,  jam with a your buddies,  or get into a full band. Blues is a great form of music to learn. I can teach you how to play blues . I use many books, but apply them to real-life jams. For instance if we work on a solo,  the next step is to take a solo and to improvise off the ideas that you've learned.. Below are some sample lessons some things that each in lessons please listen to them,

Learning how to play Blues is incredibly fun and rewarding.

Here's some of the things I can teach you:

  • Blues rhythm guitar shuffles riffs
  • Blues forms,  12 bar and 8 bar blues. Major and minor blues Progressions
  • Pentatonic and blue scales
  • Learn Lead Techniques like bend's, pull off's, shifts slides
  • Blues Licks
  • Jam to blues backing tracks in any key
  • using mixolydian and dorian modes
  • Acoustic blues
  • Learn to jam with other blues guitarists
  • Learn songs from your favorites guitarists and artists
  • Learn traditional blues songs from guitarists like B.B. King
  • Learning styles of Eric Clapton, Gary Moore,Joe Bonamassa and more
  • Write your own blues songs

Check out this demo!!

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Click here if you would like to check out some of the backing tracks I use in lessons

If you're interested in learning how to play blues on guitar, check out information on my one-on-one guitar lessons here. To see if a time is available for you, check out my Available Times here. Or if you have a question about learning blues, send me an email here and I'll help you out.

Check out some sample lessons below.

Improvisation lessons

B Blues Improv.

Do you have questions about lessons? Contact Paul here.