Carcassi Study Prelude 01


   In this lesson we are going to work on the classical piece that uses many simple open chords forms. For this study, and many classical guitar pieces you will want to hold the whole chord form down and allow notes to ring notes into each other.

I have broken this piece into individual bars. I would suggest this any time you work on a piece of music in any style. You can  break it into little segments and work on individual parts, then slowly put the parts together. you can break things down as you need, it doesn't have to be bar. You can even break music down into a few notes of music. With any new piece of music, work on practicing the unfamiliar new stuff, then work on playing in this case the entire bar then work out a chord change. Just try practice small segments in time slowly, and then add on new parts.


Even though this piece use open chords, there are going to be some alterations in the fingerings to adjust for the bass notes in some of the chords. If you are unsure of how to finger pick please reference my lesson basic fingerpicking, as understanding that lesson will  benefit you in playing this lesson. You can also refer to chord 1 if you are unsure of of these chords.

Bar one is pretty straightforward just is C major chord,  remember hold the whole chord down the only thing to pay attention to is to change the bass note on third beat.

Bar 1 C.pdf_page_1

To play bar 2, all you have to do change to play the Am7  chord is move the second finger from the 4th string second fret to the third string second fret. The numbers above the notes indicate the left Hand Fingers. Normally I would play this notes with my third finger but I'm leaving that in place so that I can play the C base on the second beat.Whenever you see a Chord like Am7/C that means that it is an Am7 chord with a C in the bass.

Guitar With Paul G Guitar Lesson Erie Pa. Carcassi Study bar 2

In bar 3 I use a different fingering for the Dm chord, the difference is on the D note 2nd string third fret instead of using a third finger I'll use my fourth finger, this allows me to use my third finger on the F note in the bass on the 3rd beat.

Guitar With Paul G Guitar Lessons Erie Pa. Carcassi study bar 3

Bar 4 it just straightforward G7 chord, this should not be too much of challenge if you just think of it as a C major chord with each finger movement out one string. In the example, 3v means to move the finger down one string to the 6th string. When we talk about direction on the guitar, we are refeering to the sound of the note. The notes on the 6th string are lower in sound.

Guitar With Paul G Guiatr Lessons Erie Pa. Carcassi study bar 4

Bar five, will start off with two beats of C major, but in third beats we are changing to a seven chord. The best way to play this is to bar your first finger across the second fret up to the third string, and then use your second finger to play the third fret for string.

Guitar With Paul G Guitar Lessons Erie Pa. Carcassi Study Bar 5


Bar six is again the same Dm chord as in bar three play the same way.

Bar seven is a C/G chord  ( C with G in the bass) chord for 2 beats. For this piece to play C/G just move your 3rd finger from the 5th string 3rd fret to the 6th string 3rd fret. the last 2 beats of the bar is a G7 chord. To play this from the C/G chord just move your first finger from the 2nd string 1st fret to the 1st string first fret.To make this bar easier to play, I have omitted using the 2nd finger for both chords.

In bar eight is C major chord but this time you're going to play all the notes at the same time. To this by placing a ringing fingers on the strings and then playing them all the same time, or use your thumb strumming through all chords as an option.



Guitar Woth Paul G Guitar Lessons Erie Pa. Carcassi Study

Matteo Carcassi - I 01 Prelude




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