Chords 1

Here's one of the Pages of my new book. . Learning chords can be a challenge for someone just starting out, trying to remember where the fingers go, what strings to play, trying to hold all the notes down and get the chord to sound right.

The approach I have been working with,and is now defined in this book is to not look at the chords being all different shapes, but to see how they are similar. If you look at the charts and read the explanations you can see that all the chords on this first page are similar. Once you understand these chords, on the next pages I show you how all the other open chords relate to chords that you have already learned.

For example when I show G7, I show it from a C to G7 change, and all your doing is moving the 2nd and 3rd finger down one string, and the 1st finger up 1 string. Each chord sheet is written like this, so that when the student takes the material home they can easily reference the written sections if there are any questions.If they need further assistance I am available through phone calls, Email, or Facebook.

Guitar With PAul G Guitar lessons Erie Pa. Chords 1


Guitar With Paul G Guitar Lessons Erie PA. Chords 1 2


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