Guitar Pro 6

     One of the main programs I use in lessons is Guitar Pro, many of my printed lessons are generated from this software. I also use its to write  some of the backing tracks for use in lessons. And can bring up song tabs from the Internet that use Guitar Pro.  All the tabs I use have bass, drums, and guitar parts so you are practicing with a band. Among the many features of the program, I can change tempos and repeat parts to make learning easier.

   I can also teach you how  to write with the program. I feel is important because when you  come up with new riffs you will be able to keep file these riffs.  There are many tools in guitar Pro my goal in showing you how to use this program is to get you to a point where you can write with it very quickly. Along with teaching you how to write guitar parts I can also teach you how to write parts for drums, bass and other instruments.

Throughout the website you will see examples of how I use guitar Pro in lessons for example rock licks and Paul Gilbert lesson were both generated from Guitar Pro.




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Amazing Slow Downer

If you've ever tried to learn a song and found that the audio track was playing too fast, you'll appreciate this program. I can take audio files and slow them down without losing the original sound. I can also start at any point in the audio and stop at a point in the audio and so that I can loop challenging  sections so that I can work on those parts.



 This is the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation ) that I use. I can import audio backing tracks, or create them in in program, and then record rhythm and lead guitar parts on top of them for lessons. I use this program to create audios for lessons and also I can record student performances so that they can hear there progress.


Neck Diagrams

This program is used to generate all the chord and scale charts that I use in lessons. I can also import Guitar Pro into this program so that I can create lessons that have diagrams, tabs and text.

Students have access to video tutorials on using various software.

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