Learn songs by your favorite artists

Once we have established a firm base of knowledge that we can build on I encourage students to start to learn songs from some of the artists that they like. With Guitar Pro, I can quickly find tabs for whatever song or artist that you would like to study. I also use tabs from a website called My Songbook. These tabs are under license from the artists and cannot be downloaded, but they do sound authentic. If you have Guitar Pro, you can also use these files. They have all instruments, guitar, bass drums, etc written. On all tabs I can slow down the tempos and repeat parts  so that you can play the parts at where you are comfortable. I can also  turn off parts like main guitar parts so you can get as close as possible to the feel of playing in a band.
When a new student signs up I ask them what artists they like, and then I find tabs from that artist, and include them in lessons as soon as the student is ready. I can teach songs from the 1950's through today.

Here is a partial list



Rolling Stones


Black Sabbath

Led Zeppelin


Ozzy Osbourne


Guns and Roses


Alice in chains



Avenged 7x

and Many more.... just tell me what you want to learn.

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