Lesson Benefits

I can help you to achieve whatever you want in our lessons. Here are some of things have helped other students achieve.


Playing with drums and backing tracks

I emphasize working with backing tracks for everything that I teach. My students to be able to play with a band, jam with friends, or play songs by themselves with confidence. I use backing tracks for all my examples, whether they are scale exercises, licks, solos, or full songs. The backing tracks can be audio files or I can generate them with Guitar Pro 6 . I can also take audio files and slow them down with Amazing Slow Downer.  Use this Link to hear some samples .  Backing tracks sample

Freedom over the fretboard

Learning the fretboard, and not just playing patterns can be a huge benefit, as many of my students have found out. I have a system to show you the notes and the entire fretboard, and I back it up with many musical examples. Check out the Paul Gilbert lesson for an example.


Music theory applied to examples

When I show music theory, it will be directly applied to a playing example, or song so that you understand how music theory applies to what you working on. This will help you in creating your own variations of what we are working on.


Learn how to write music with Guitar Pro

This can be a huge benefit you. Imagine coming up with coolest Riff ever, you could record it but how are you going to be able to remember a year now how you played it. Being able to write out your own music is just one benefit. You can also use this program as a complete backing track to work on your playing skills. Guitar Pro 6


Write your own songs

Once my students have started to learn to play, they can  write their own music. As we work on ideas, this is a great place to show how music theory applies to their particular style. They can also learn how to write for other instruments like drums and bass, so they have complete arrangements that they can share with other musicians.


Learn songs by your favorite artists

Once we have established a firm base of knowledge that we can build on I encourage students to start to learn songs from some of the artists that they like. With Guitar Pro, I can quickly find tabs for whatever song or artist that you would like to study. Go to page


Jam with anybody

Students have come to me wanting to Jam with other musicians. I will give you all the necessary theory, scales, and the chords applied to many playing examples in different keys and styles.You will be able to be able to play with other musicians.


Learn other styles of music

Many of my students have signed up to learn a particular style or technique. As we go through lessons they discover other forms of music that they may like and want to learn some of the techniques and songs of that style.

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