Guitar lessons in Erie Pa.

I've helped many students in the Erie area learn guitar  regardless of their current skill level. Even if you're just starting to learn guitar on your own, I can quickly help you start jamming along with backing tracks in whatever style you want from Rock to Blues to Acoustic guitar.

All of my lessons are set up similarly to give you the core ideas that you can use in any style.One of the most important things I can teach any student is timing. Everything else I teach is built on this. All lesson, no matter the style can include the following.

  • Working with backing tracks
  • Music theory applied to playing examples
  • Learn the notes across the entire fretboard
  • Scales and chords applied to the style you want to learn
  • Learn to write your own licks, solos or songs.
  • Learn to write with Guitar Pro software

Click here if you would like to check out some of the backing tracks I use in lessons.

If you're interested in learning how to play a particular style, check out the links below.information on my one-on-one guitar lessons here. To see if a time is available for you, check out my Available Times here. Or if you have a question about learning blues, contact me here and I'll help you out. Get Updates For New Lessons