Paul Gilbert Lick

This Video is for Ex. 5

This lick ( Ex 1 ) is from a Paul Gilbert video. All these examples use the E minor scale, or Aeolian mode. The notes of the scale are E F# G A B C D E. What I would like to show you are some of my ideas for developing a lick that I might learn. Originally this lick was just the first bar and I added the second bar. One thing to keep in mind, is in each new bar to move your left hand up, or down.

In Ex. 2 what I've done is added one position below the original phrase. You can continue this idea across entire fretboard.

In example 3 What I've done is to take the same phrase from example 1 and move it down one octave. This is where knowing the notes on the fretboard helps out a lot. I continue this idea in example 4 by taking down yet another octave.

One thing you may notice as you move down octave is fingering does not have to change, this will make learning these phrases easier.

In the last example I have taken these three octave ideas from the previous example and play them as one continuous phrase.

You may notice that there is a different sound in the audio  track. In this track I have added a second guitar part that plays a harmony to the first track which is a third above. The Video does not have this harmony so you can hear and see how I play the example better.

A lot of time, when I write out a line practice, I may add harmony line just add a little more interest to the idea.

Other ideas I may cover next would be to change the key or mode of the lick. I also might try to adapt it to other styles of music, in my practice.

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