Performance and Gigs

Paul G is available for solo performances in a variety of styles.  If your looking for soft acoustic guitar music, or electric guitar music , or a combination. To enhance performances, he uses backing tracks as necessary, so it's like having a full band.  At this point my set is all instrumental music with no vocals

  Here are some of the songs in the set list

 Song                                                                                            Artist                                                Style / Arrangement

Open Arms                                                                               Journey                                             Solo Fingerstyle

Annies Song                                                                             John Denver                                     Solo Fingerstyle

Stairway to Heaven                                                               Led Zeppelin                                     Solo with backing track

Spanish Guitar                                                                        Gary Moore                                      Solo Fingerstyle with backing track

Videos of music from my solo set are below

"Bridge Over Troubled Waters"


"Autumn Leaves"


Study By Matteo Guiliani


A short demo with my Ovation


A little acoustic,  just as the sun sets on the bay.

R:  126 G:  255 B:  185 X:54188 Y:    0 S:  546 Z:   55 F:  156

In the middle of "Open Arms"

R:  125 G:  255 B:  185 X:54188 Y:    0 S:  453 Z:   53 F:  150




Ray Reade


You did great playing solo last night. The material you picked, the volume, and your playing were excellent. There were several positive comments about your playing. People enjoyed your playing. 

Contact Paul here if you have any questions