Playing with backing tracks

I emphasize working with backing tracks for everything that I teach. My students to be able to play with a band, jam with friends, or play songs by themselves with confidence. I use backing tracks for all my examples, whether they are scale exercises, licks, solos, or full songs. The backing tracks can be audio files or I can generate them with Guitar Pro 6 . I can also take audio files and slow them down with Amazing Slow Downer.  Feel free to jam to these tracks

An acoustic track in C

This Is a blues track In C

This is the same blues track in C, slowed down with Amazing Slow Downer

A little Jam with the Chords C  D  Em  D 2 beats to a chord. Use G major scale ( CLydian) for soloing

This Track is a Guitar Pro Track for working on G pentatonic minor or any of the modes of G in a heavy rock style

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