Rock Lick

In this example I'd like to talk about how I learn licks.

First lets go over the scales we are using. For the first bar I am using a pentatonic minor scale. In example 1 the notes are A C D E G. The second bar uses the blues scale in A. A C D Eb E G. What you may notice is that the only difference between the two scales is the Eb. This makes these scales easily interchangeable. You can find many examples in Rock and Blues.

In Example 1 you'll see a two bar Lick . It was actually constructed out of 3 separate licks. In this style a lot of times I'll try putting some different licks together, until I find a new Lick that sounds interesting.

Once I've got the new lick down in the original key I'll try moving around different keys across the fretboard. One thing that makes this a lot easier is that you don't change the fingering as move into different keys. Example 2 which uses the B Pentatonic minor and B Blues scale, and example 3 using C Pentatonic minor and C Blues are examples of this.

Once I have learned the lick, and moved it into different keys. I like to apply it to some backing tracks and work on seeing how I can improvise around the Lick.

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Rock Lick pdf


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