Rock Lessons Preview

Learn Electric Guitar in Erie Pa.

Whatever style or artist. This is a broad spectrum Learning how to play guitar is incredibly fun and rewarding. I've helped many students in the Erie area learn to play regardless of their current skill level. Even if you're just starting to learn on your own, I can quickly help you start jamming  in no time. I am not limited to what I teach you with guitar. Although there are core ideas and techniques I I will teach you. Your goals will determine what direction we go in.

Here's some of the things I can teach you:

  • Rhythm guitar and riffs in various styles
  •  Modal and pentatonic scales how to use and understand them
  • Learn lead guitar techniques like bending hammer-ons , pulloff's and slides
  • Learn "80's"  shred techniques like legato, string skipping, tapping and sweep picking
  • Learn the styles of many of rock's greatest players from Jimmy Page through Randy Rhoads
  • Learn modern rock styles and see how they have built on
  • Jam to rock backing tracks in any key
  • Write your own riffs, solos, and songs
  • Learn to write your own backing tracks with Guitar Pro

Check out these demos!!

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Click here if you would like to check out some of the backing tracks I use in lessons

If you're interested in learning how to play Rock Guitar, check out information on my one-on-one guitar lessons here. To see if a time is available for you, check out my Available Times here. Or if you have a question about learning blues, send me an email here and I'll help you out.


Check out some of my lessons below

Blues/Pentatonic Based Lessons

B blues improv

rock licks

Gary Moore slow groove improv.

Modal/Major scale Based lessons

Arpeggio Based Lessons

A harmonic minor lick

Legato Based Lessons

Betcha can't play this: John Pettrucci

Tapping Based Lessons

Picking Based Lessons

Paul Gilbert lesson

Contact Paul about lessons. The first 1 hour session is $15.00